Looking for an incredible and fun life-changing experience? Need some encouragement in the area of marriage? Want to get involved by volunteering in your community?

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  • Support the Team to Peru

    You can be a significant part of making Christ known in Iquitos, Peru!

    Join us by being a part of our prayer team and/or giving to send the team.

    To join the prayer team:

    Sign up HERE.

    To give online:

    Start HERE and click on the drop down list to Missions, then to the general missions fund or to a specific person.

  • After centuries of living in foreign lands, the time comes for the Israelites to return to the land God had promised to Abraham. But soon after they set out for Canaan, Israel perpetually complains, sins, and even incites rebellion against Moses and Aaron in God's presence. Eleven days of travel in the wilderness become 40 years as a result of their unbelief, and only their children can enter the Promised Land. Tired and frustrated, Moses strikes a rock to resolve yet another complaint from the Israelites, but sadly disobeys God's instruction to speak to it. He too is prevented from entering the Promised Land.

    Even in all this, God still displays His amazing faithfulness and patience. A few individuals, such as Joshua and Caleb, remain faithful and will lead Israel's next generation. Many scriptures use Israel's wilderness stories in the Book of Numbers as examples for us to believe God and trust Him with our lives.

  • Jr High and High School Camp @ UCYC

    Each Summer, Ridge Uth travels to Prescott, AZ for a week of life changing fun and memory-making. UCYC has been sharing the Gospel and changing lives for decades, and this year will be one of the best yet.

    This year, the High School camp (grades 9-12) will be attending June 28-July 2 for only $369!

    Jr High (grades 6-8) will be attending July 21-July 25 for only $349!