Looking for an incredible and fun life-changing experience? Need some encouragement in the area of marriage? Want to get involved by volunteering in your community?

Take a look below to see the opportunities coming up next! 

  • Joshua's Men: Spiritual Leadership for Men

    Christian men desire to grow in the Lord, to be strong husbands and fathers. But How?

    Joshua's Men answers this.

    Joshua’s Men is broken down into (2) five-month block commitments for Christian men to the development of Christian character and Spiritual leadership for the purpose of intentionally becoming more like Jesus and all God desires of us as men.

    Joshua's Men begins Wednesday, August 23rd at 6:30. 

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  • Women's Retreat

    Come along with us to Prescott Pines for the "Be Joyful" Women's Retreat! ! As we enjoy the cool, fresh pines away from the demands of everyday life, will look forward to refreshment from inside and out!


    Date: September 15 – 17th!

    Speaker: Amberly Neese and worship will be lead by Anya & Lyle Thompson.

    Activities available: Zumba, Hiking, Zip Line, Horseback Riding, Board Games, etc.

    Cost: $125 Meals/ Lodging (&includes some of the activities). Financial scholarships available if needed.

    See website for more info AND to register!

    *NOTE, we have chosen to attend the 2nd retreat, Sept 15- 17th!!! We will carpool to Prescott and back!

  • New Teaching Series

    When Jesus left earth He didn't leave us alone. In fact, it was better that He'd go - because He left us the Holy Spirit. But what does that mean? What does it look like when God's people are empowered, changed, and living out God's perfect plan? The study through Acts shows us our place for experiencing all God has for us.

    Join us each week as we look intently into this wonderful, life-giving, study to encourage us to live in the power of the Spirit of God!