We love it when people join in connecting with others around His Word and in the lives of others!

Summit Ridge Church is a community committed to God's Word, to loving and building one another, and to building Christ's kingdom through making Him known in all we do. 

Here's a List of Groups to Connect In:

We have numerous groups to connect in for right where you are at. Scroll through the list and signup for the one that may serve your needs best. If a group is currently full still fill out the form and let us know your interest and we'll get you plugged in as quick as we can.

  • Debbie Dinsmore

    WHAT: Jude Precept Study

    Join us for a 5 lesson Kay Arthur Precept-Upon-Precept study of Jude: Contend for the Faith. Problems within the church prompted Jude to preach a strong message about God's judgment of sin. Learn more about the day of judgment in this timely study.

    **It would be good to get a commitment by March 6 in order to place an order for the study boos. (Others can join later, but the books may come late.) The first meeting will be on March 16 to pass out books and briefly discuss the study method. Meetings will then be March 23-April 27, tentatively taking April 13 off for Spring Break.

    WHEN: Every Thursday, 6:30pm - 8:30pm

    WHERE: Summit Ridge Church

                   7485 W Azure Dr

                   Las Vegas, NV 89149

    PHONE: (702)601-1965

    EMAIL: debbiedinsmore04@yahoo.com

  • Tricia Coblentz

    WHAT: This group is only for ladies. :) This group of women meet three times a month on Tuesday mornings to discuss a Bible-based book, to pray for each other, to encourage one another to mature in Christ and to tell others about Him, and...eat snacks. A Bible verse is memorized every month, too! This group also has lunch together after class once a month, and every OTHER month meet outside of group to do something fun!

    *Studying until about mid-May, Unveiling Mary Magdalene by Liz Curtis Higgs. After that, Christian Beliefs: 20 Basics Every Christian Should Know by Wayne A. Grudem

    WHEN: Meet Tuesdays, 2 weeks "on" then 1 week "off" (usually 3 times a month), 11:00am-12:30pm

    WHERE: Tricia Coblentz

                   8132 Marin Pointe

                   Las Vegas, NV 89131

    PHONE: (702)232-0716

    EMAIL: rtcoby@cox.net

    **If you have children who can play or study independently in another room, they are welcome!

  • Nathan & Haylee Barreras

    WHAT:  A small group that studies the Word together, discussing how God is working in our lives. Struggles with the current chapter being studied are addressed and worked through to find better understanding. The group constantly searches for new opportunities to serve the Summit Ridge Church community, as well as the students and families of the surrounding schools.

    *Currently studying through the book of Judges.

    WHEN: Meets every Tuesday, 6:30pm - 9:00pm"ish"

    WHERE: Nathan & Haylee Barreras

                   4325 W Rome Blvd, Apt 2159

                   North Las Vegas, NV 89084

    PHONE: (520)275-5386

    EMAIL: nathan@summitridgechurch.org

  • Wes & Jen Duncan

    WHAT: A group comprised of a great group of people eager to learn more about the Bible, grown in relationships with one another and draw closer to Jesus. The group meets together, eats together, laughs together and enjoy digging into God's word.

    *Currently studying 1 John

    WHEN: Meets every other Wednesday, 7:00pm

    WHERE: Linda Coblentz

                   5204 Acacia View Ave

                   Las Vegas, NV 89084

    PHONE: (702)767-3733

    EMAIL: wesleykduncan@gmail.com

  • Jeremy & Leiisa Martin

    WHAT: Group consists of young men and women between the ages of 18-23 years old. All aspects of biblical study are covered, and areas that pertain to young adults and new Christians are focused upon. A potluck is generally had once a quarter as a fellowship meal.

    *Currently studying Discipleship Essentials by Greg Ogden

    WHEN: Meets every Thursday, 7:00pm

    WHERE: Jeremy & Leissa

                  4002 Rain Flower Ln

                  North Las Vegas, NV 89031

    PHONE: (702)349-1951

    EMAIL: jdmartin113@gmail.com

  • Paul Taylor (Josiah Caprine)

    WHAT: Discusses weekly passages from the Bible Project Reading Plan and share thoughts, insight and encouragement. There will be a guided discussion to review the Bible passages, including the daily Psalms. Reading schedule can be found here: https://thebibleproject.com/reading-plan/

    *Currently studying EXCAVATE! Digging deeper into the Bible Project Reading Plan

    WHEN: Meets every Sunday, 8:45am-9:25am in one of the classrooms immediately before the church service

    WHERE: Summit Ridge Church Campus

                  7485 W Azure Dr

                  Las Vegas, NV 89130

    PHONE: (702) 324-2080

    EMAIL: ptaylorph@gmail.com

  • Matt & Sara Scardaci

    WHAT: Group meets in the Providence area twice a month based on group availability. Began by reaching out to Air Force families who have irregular work schedules and have found it difficult to attend a community group consistently. Study the Bible for about 45 minutes at the beginning of meetings, and then share a meal together and have fellowship immediately following.

    *Currently studying Matthew with family study guide based on the devotional writings of J.C. Ryle

    WHEN: Meets Sundays, 4:00pm

    **Aim to meet twice a month based on the availability of group members. Most members are in the Air Force and have irregular schedules so dates are chosen that allow for as many members to attend as possible, about two months in advance.

    WHERE: Matt & Sara Scardaci

                   6751 Haymarket St

                   Las Vegas, NV 89166

    PHONE: (702)281-9177

    EMAIL:  mscardaci@gmail.com**

  • Robert & Dana Curdy

    [Currently FULL]

    WHAT: Families with children, but also single adults with/without children. A meal is shared before Bible study. The Bible study is of the sermon from the week, including life applications.

    *Follows Sunday sermons

    About every four weeks, a fellowship event that others outside of SRC can be invited to, such as a movie in the park, a meal out, or another opportunity for time to get to know one another.


    WHEN: Meets every Friday, 6:00pm - 8:30pm


    WHERE: Robert & Dana Curdy

                   6708 Fruit Flower Ave

                   Las Vegas, NV 89130

    PHONE: (702)839-5109

    EMAIL: rca1lasvegas@yahoo.com

  • Gerri Wilson [Currently FULL]

    WHAT: A group of 6 to 7 ladies. Meetings opens with dessert, followed by the current study and ending with prayer requests.

    *Currently studying 2 Thessalonians Study Guide by Charles Swindoll

    WHEN: Every Thursday, 6:30pm

    WHERE: Carol Logsdon

                   8304 Deer Springs

                   Las Vegas, NV 89149

    PHONE: (702)596-2478

    EMAIL: gerri.wilson@embarqmail.com