We love it when people join in connecting with others around His Word and in the lives of others!

Summit Ridge Church is a community committed to God's Word, to loving and building one another, and to building Christ's kingdom through making Him known in all we do. 

Fun, comfortable, and ready for you to join in learning more about God -

Getting the encouragement you need for the week.

Our small groups are structured by trimesters - a Winter/Spring semester, Summer semester and Fall semester. Each semester gives people an easy place to jump in to a group and get get connected.

Jump in anytime or at the start of a new semester.

Summer semester is June 11 - August 5

Fall semester is August 20 - December 16

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Our Small Groups Are Here With You In Mind:

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  • Nathan & Haylee Barreras

    WHAT: Our group is basically the coolest! We eat snacks, share what's going on in our lives, study the Bible and pray for each other.

    *Studying: Undecided - Old Testament book of the Bible

    **We are currently unable to host children due to a lack of space.**

    WHEN: Meets every Tuesday, 6:30pm

    WHERE: Nathan & Haylee Barreras

                   The Presidio Apartments

                   Major cross streets: N Decatur Blvd & I-215

    PHONE: (520)275-5386

    EMAIL: nathan@summitridgechurch.org

  • John Caprine

    WHAT: Joshua's Men (Block 1): A Spiritual Leadership Course

    Joshua's Men is broken down into (2) five-month block commitments for Christian men to the development of Christian character and Spiritual leadership for the purpose of intentionally becoming more like Jesus and all God desires of us as men. We cover these areas: Godliness; Family; Marriage; Parenting; Finances; Work; Ministry.

    **Cost: $155.00 for books, materials and meals. More application :


    WHEN: Every other Wednesday

                 1st Wednesday: 6:30pm, 3rd Wednesday: 7:00pm

    WHERE: Pastor John's


                   Major cross streets: N Jones Blvd & Farm Rd


    PHONE: (702)250-2075

    EMAIL: johncaprine@summitridgechurch.org

  • Tricia Coblentz

    WHAT: We are discussing a book of 20 Basics Every Christian Should Know, answering questions such as "What is Atonement?" and "What Will Happen When Christ Returns?". Women only! We pray together, have snacks, and go on outings (and text each other quite a bit).

    *Studying: Christian Beliefs: 20 Basics Every Christian Should Know by Wayne A. Grudem

    **If you have children who can play or study independently in another room, they are welcome!

    WHEN: Meet Tuesdays, 2 weeks "on" then 1 week "off" (usually 3 times a month), 11:00am-12:30pm

    WHERE: Tricia Coblentz

                   Appaloosa Canyon Quarterhorse Falls

                   Major cross streets: N Durango Dr. & Farm Rd.


    PHONE: (702)232-0716

    EMAIL: rtcoby@cox.net

  • Robert Curdy

    WHAT: A family-oriented group for couples, married couples, and married couples with kids. We will have a meal, potluck style, and then follow with Sermon Study. Room available for kids to play while adults connect with each other and discuss sermon.

    *Currently a discussion group based on the sermon from the previous Sunday.

    **Major points from each sermon will be discussed prior to discussion, so group participants do not need to have heard the sermon beforehand. 

    WHEN: Fridays, 6:00-8:30pm (three Fridays a month)

    WHERE: Robert & Dana Curdy

                   Major cross streets: N Rainbow Blvd & W Ann Rd


    PHONE: (702)839-5109

    EMAIL: rca1lasvegas@yahoo.com

  • Dudley & Debbie Dinsmore

    WHAT: Our group meets every other week to share a meal and become part of each other's lives. Our resident chef (John Schlothauer) provides the food theme which has proven to be the beginnings of many spectacuoar meals. Fellowship is followed by sharing concerns, updates, discussion and prayer. Our current study (Love & Respect: The Love She Most Desires: The Respect He Desperately Needs) is taken from Ephesians 5:22-33. It is a 14 week small group study that will strengthen your marriage by improving communication and following Biblical principles of relating to your spouse. Though geared to married couples, this is great information that can can be used in any relationship - spouses, dating, parents & kids, etc. We have already started the series, but are still in the early part. It is not too late to jump in, become a part of our lives, and work on your marriage. (Children are welcome, but there is not currently any specific teaching or program for them.)

    *Currently doing the video series "Love & Respect" by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

    WHEN: Every other Monday, 6:00pm~8:30pm

    WHERE: John & Kristina Schlothauer

                   Woodside Homes

                   Major cross streets: N Hulapai  & Farm Rd


    PHONE: Dudley (702) 545-8060

                  John (310)850-2547

    EMAIL: dudley.dinsmore@hotmail.co.uk

  • Wes Duncan

    WHAT: Our group is focused on better knowing God's Word and authentic Christian fellowship. We study a chapter a meeting of whatever book we are studying. The group strives for great discussion, fellowship with fellow believers and to better know God and how His Word applies to our everyday lives. Our group is very relaxed and welcoming.

    *Currently studying "Colossians"

    **Unfortunately, we do not have childcare for very young children.

    WHEN: Wednesday (every other week), 7:00pm

    WHERE: Linda Coblentz

                   Major cross streets: N Bradley Ave & I-215

                   (Behind the Costco on N Decatur Blvd)


    PHONE: (702)767-3733

    EMAIL: wesleykduncan@gmail.com

  • Paul Taylor

    WHAT: What does it mean to worship God? What should we be doing when we meet together for "church" on Sundays? And how does that connect with what we do the rest of the week? This engaging and flexible seven-week program will challenge us to worship God every day of the week, with all our heart, mind, soul and strength. Our group is open to all ages who are eager to learn about God.

    *Currently studying Gospel Shaped Worship by Jared C. Wilson

    WHEN: Every Sunday, 8:30am

    WHERE: Summit Ridge Church

    PHONE: (702)324-2080

    EMAIL: ptaylorrph@gmail.com

  • Matt & Sara Scardaci -

    Group Is Temporarily Full

    WHAT: We are studying "Matthew" with commentary by J. C. Ryle. We study the Word first and then enjoy a meal together, potluck style.

    *Currently studying "Matthew"

    WHEN: Sundays, 4:30pm

    *Our group is mostly made up of military families who have irregular schedules. For that reason, we don't have a set frequency for meeting and instead plan dates to meet when we will have the biggest turnout.

    WHERE: Matt & Sara Scardaci

                   Auburn and Bradford at Providence

                   Major cross streets: N Shaumber Rd & W Dorrell Ln


    PHONE: (702)281-9177

    EMAIL: mscardaci@gmail.com

  • Gerri Wilson -

    Group Is Temporarily Full

    WHAT: We are a group that meet weekly to study God's Word, pray for and encourage each other. We also enjoy yummy desserts and celebrate birthdays.

    *Currently studying Daniel

    WHEN: Every Thursday, 6:30pm

    WHERE: Carol Logsdon

                   Timberlake Street

                   Major cross streets: W Deer Springs Way & Oso Blanca Rd            

    PHONE: (702)596-2478

    EMAIL: gerri.wilson@embarqmail.com