Equippers is a SRC Ministry designed to come alongside you in a practical way for a specific time, in a specific way.

We offer Equippers courses throughout the year, plus courses through Cultivate and Joshua's Men:


Equippers: Finances

A nine-week course walking through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. 

Equippers: Marriage

Coming early 2017

A series to focus on your marriage by equipping you and encouraging you to love your spouse and grow in love and respect.

Equippers: Parenting

Designed to influence positive family relationships, empower parents to bring healthy change and manage challenging behavior. Friday Evening 7-9pm / Saturday 9-3pm with a break for lunch

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This series of courses is a specific type of Equippers offered to SRC Women with the intention of fostering growth through discipleship in focused areas of life.

Offered in a setting of encouragement and discipleship, the mixture of spiritual and practical topics are designed to help create balance and growth in key areas of life like: 



Biblical View of Womanhood

Cooking/ Meal Planning

Spiritual Growth

We invite you to sign up for courses in any areas you want to grow in and strengthen.

Course Length

Varies from course to course. Typically 4-8 weeks long. 

Meeting Times

Will choose different days and times to help accommodate different schedules and childcare needs.


Some will cost a book/workbook fee. Others will be free of charge. 

Requirements / Expectations

• Regular Attendance as spots are limited.

• All projects and books need to be completed prior to the group meeting.

• Confidential sharing in group and encouragement of each other. 

Interested in signing up for a course?

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Joshua's Men

This is an eleven-month commitment for Christian men to the development of Christ-like character and spiritual leadership for the purpose of intentionally becoming more like Jesus and all God desires of us as men.

Who should be a part of Joshua’s Men?

Any Christian man with a desire to grow as a man of God, with a desire to have a heart after God.

Why should men apply?

We need less boys and more men. Our culture doesn’t need more men that are jellyfish. And a majority of men do not know how to live godly lives – they’ve never seen it modeled; they feel inadequate. Joshua’s Men is aimed specifically at men to encourage, equip and challenge them to be men after God’s own heart. How do we love our wives and treat women with respect and honor? How do we raise our kids to love the Lord and follow Him? How do we be Christ-lights to our community and workplaces? How do we live with integrity and honor? Where do I fit in the church? – It’s these types of subjects that Joshua’s Men addresses. 

What does a Joshua’s Men meeting look like?

There are no more than ten men involved in Joshua’s Men during the year. When we gather, we meet for dinner and a particular lesson aimed at godliness for men and prayer. Each meeting is about four hours long.


Joshua’s Men begins in January and finishes in November. Typically, there is a two-day, one-night retreat in January each year to start off the group.

Meeting Time:

Once a month (every third Thursday from 6pm – 10pm). 


The total for Joshua’s Men spiritual leadership is: $500.00. That includes all materials for each month, dinner, and our January retreat. 

Ready to begin your adventure?

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