Our Vision for our City

It is our desire to display the Good News of Jesus in the city of Las Vegas. In Jeremiah 29:7, the people of God are told to seek the good of the city, and this is how we approach local outreach. We believe that we are a part of God's mission to bring renewal to our city through the gospel. We seek tangible ways to bring the gospel to bear in our neighborhoods, in our communities, and in the city as a whole so that, through Jesus, our city can be renewed. We believe that he gospel can impact our city as it is demonstrated through the lifestyles as well as the activity of those who follow Jesus.

Serving through our Life Groups

We are equipped for acts of service in our city primarily through our Life Groups. These groups meet throughout our city, learning together what it means to be a community of Jesus-followers who emulate his life. We intentionally look to meet the needs of those around us, serving our city as a family of missionary servants sent to carry out the mission initiated by Jesus (John 17:18-23). Together, we work to intentionally bring the gospel to bear in our neighborhoods, through relationships, and through service in the natural rhythms of life. As needs arise, we rely on our Life Groups to make these needs known to our church as a whole so that we might better engage the resources represented in our community. 

Serving our Community through strategic partnerships

We also want to support local ministry organizations reaching the poor, the oppressed, and the broken people in our city. We partner with these organizations through regular involvement as well as through occasional service projects. We are proud to currently partner with these local ministries:

Hope Christian Health Center

Las Vegas Rescue Mission