Looking for an incredible and fun life-changing experience? Need some encouragement in the area of marriage? Want to get involved by volunteering in your community?

Take a look below to see the opportunities coming up next! 

  • We are in unprecedented times with massive cultural norms changing in a blink of an eye. From sexuality, gender confusion, greater individualism and isolation, from tolerance to diversity, and family crises to name a few. The once agreed upon mores of our culture have changed... and we aren't going back.

    What does God say about them?  

    How are we to interpret them and respond?  

    How do we think Biblically on the cultural shifts? 

    We begin a new Fall series (August 19th) for 16 weeks looking at, and wrestling through, the tough cultural changes we are seeing across our land.

    Each week we will see from 1 Corinthians that we aren't the first generation  to wrestle through moral changes. 

    Join us as we learn to stand Biblically in a cultural storm.

  • A small group is an integral part of our ministry at Summit Ridge. It is a great place for believers to come together, study the Word, pray for one another, and live life together.

    More info? Start Here

  • Get the Christian Standard Bible

    We believe that God's Word needs to be translated with the utmost accuracy as well as staying very readable for the readers. The Christian Standard Bible does this extremely well! We are pleased to use a Bible that will encourage all of us to more easily understand and apply what we read.

    You can learn more about the CSB here.

    Want to get a copy for yourself?

    Download the FREE CSB App (Android) (Apple) and/or the (FREE for Android) CSB Study Bible App (Android)

    Buy a hard copy through LifeWay where there is a current discount of 30% and get an additional 10% off by using this promo code: CSBCHURCH at checkout.

    We will begin using this translation at the start of our new series on the 19th.

  • Beginning next week (August 19th) we will be introducing a memory verse for each month over this next series - there will be 4 in all.

    We believe that to truly let God's Word set into our hearts and minds we need to memorize it! So we are looking forward to writing God's Word on our hearts as a whole church!

    Want a sneak peek at the first verse? Want to get a jump start?

    Isaiah 26:3

    See our Fighter Verse page for more details...

  • Have You Been Baptized???

    Have you been baptized? If you are a Christian then baptism is one of the things we do - it's what Jesus commanded.

    Baptism is one way we celebrate the work of God in your life - it's all about identifying with Jesus in His death, burial and resurrection.

    We are having a special baptism celebration on September 23rd from 3 to 5 at Linda Coblentz' (5204 Acacia View Ave. LV, 89131).

    If you would like to be baptized please fill out a communication card or contact Pastor Jeremy. We will have an informational meeting on Sunday, September 16th following the service.

  • Beginning September 30th: Two Services!!!

    We are making room for YOU!!!

    Beginning September 30th we will have two complete services to choose from: 8:45 and 10:30.

    We can't wait to see you. Invite others and let's make much of Jesus together!

  • Women's Retreat

    (It's FULL - But Get on the waiting list now!)

    Join us Sept 14- 16th for a girls weekend get-away at Prescott Pines Camp. Gather your girlfriends, find a sitter for the kids, escape the heat and get away to the cool pines of Prescott, AZ. 

    Come together with your SRC sisters in Christ (and from across the southwest) for a time of refreshment, relaxation and renewal. 

    We are going to 2nd weekend of camp and also get to enjoy the worship of our very own Heather Rider.

    Register here on the Prescott Pines link. 

    Signup now - space is limited!

    Contact Angela Caprine with any questions and to let her know you've registered.

  • Joshua’s Men is broken down into (2) five-month block commitments for Christian men to the development of Christian character and Spiritual leadership for the purpose of intentionally becoming more like Jesus and all God desires of us as men. 

    Find out more by following this link: Joshua's Men

    We're taking signups now!