Looking for an incredible and fun life-changing experience? Need some encouragement in the area of marriage? Want to get involved by volunteering in your community?

Take a look below to see the opportunities coming up next! 

  • Let Us Reason - Once Muslim, Now Christian

    Al Fadi, founder of CIRA International, will be preaching at Summit on Sunday, November 17 at both services! He will also be leading a special seminar that afternoon from 2-5 p.m at the church. You will not want to miss this!

    Al Fadi is a former Muslim from Saudi Arabia. He is the researcher, editor, writer, and translator for numerous ministries, including "Answering Islam" and runs an outreach ministry designed for non-Muslims and Christians.

    CIRA exists to mobilize the Body of Christ across North America, and globally, to more effectively reach Muslims with the Gospel, by discipling and equipping believers, and by empowering church and community leaders to influence the Muslim world for Christ.

    Please don't miss this special day on the 17th!

  • Joyful Living: A study through the book of Philippians

    Did you know that the words "joy" and "rejoice" are used 16 times in the 4 chapters of Philippians?


    The apostle Paul calls us to a life marked by joy!


    Join us on Sundays as we gather in thanksgiving and pursue joy like Paul demonstrated in his epistle to the Philippians.


    Upcoming Message Passages:

    November 10th: Philippians 1

    **November 17th: Al Fadi Guest Preaching**

    November 24th: Philippians 2

    December 1: Philippians 3

    December 8: Philippians 4

  • New Members Lunch

    Once a quarter we host a new members lunch for those who are interested in knowing more about our church, where we are heading and if making Summit your church home is right for you. Take the next step by coming to the new members lunch!

    Our next new members lunch is Sunday, January 26th, at 1:00 at Pastor John and Angela's.

    (7562 Harbor Pond Drive, LV 89131)

    Lunch is provided too!

    (Sorry, no kids older than nursing babies - we meet for about 3 hours.)

    Signup now: Email Pastor John

  • Straight Ahead Ministries

    We are engaged with a ministry (Straight Ahead Ministries) that brings the gospel to Clark County Juvenile Detention Centers by leading a bible study group to teens. 

    Why do I want to get involved: To serve a growing population of our youth that have fallen through all our societal safety nets, family, school, and show them the love of Christ. To break the cycle of recidivism and to make disciples.

    How do I get involved: Fill out a contact card and write Straight Ahead Ministries on the back or talk with Pastor Jeremy (702) 349-1951. Email him at: Jeremy@summitridgechurch.org

  • Good News Clubs

    Be part of a ministry (Good News Clubs) that brings the gospel to our local grade schools by leading an after school club on school grounds. All curriculum and training is provided.

    How do I get involved: Fill out a contact card and write Good News Club on the back or talk to Pastor Jeremy (702) 349-1951.

  • Safe Families for Children

    Be part of a ministry (Safe Families) to serve at-risk families who need assistance with taking care of their children while they navigate their individual crisis rather than have their children placed into the foster care system. We can provide the children with a safe loving environment for a short period of time that allows their parents to deal with their crisis.

    How do I get involved: Fill out a contact card, write Safe Families on the back or contact Ramone Brown

  • Be A Part Of The Meal Ministry

    The Meal Ministry is a way that we can be a blessing to Summit families in a time of need (i.e. birth, hospital stay, illness, death in the family, etc.) The desire of this ministry is to glorify God by exercising our gifts of mercy, hospitality, compassion and outreach. 

    If you would like to be a part of the meal team simply contact our meal team coordinator or fill out a contact card at church.

  • Inside Summit Podcast

    Want to know more of the heart here at Summit?

    Catch behind-the-scenes as well as new and noteworthy conversations with our staff and various special guests.

    You can listen on our website, or get it on our SRC church app.

    Have a topic you would like us to discuss? Let us know!