Current Mini-Series

If there is a one word that describes Christians today it is likely, “Stressed”. “Anxious” would also be a close contender. There are good reasons for our anxieties. We are burdened by financial strains, relationship stressors, global wars, and even the upcoming holidays. There is no shortage of fears and unknowns confronting us.

Options abound to mitigate our many anxious thoughts: Mindfulness, psychics, diets, exercise, better sleep, getting rid of toxic people… the list is endless. But how are we as Christians called to navigate what’s truly helpful? Where do we go for relief?

God, through His Word and the person and work of Jesus Christ, has given us the answers to our very anxieties and stresses. Scripture is abundantly rich in its help to the panic-stricken and its rescue of the sufferer.

Join us for this four-week study of hope for the anxious, stressed and panic-attacked. Finishes on December 10th!!

Straight Ahead Christmas Cookies

Collection Date: December 10

We are partnering with Straight Ahead ministries again this year for our Christmas giving! Along with putting together gift bags, we would love to bless the kids with some homemade cookies.

Would you be willing to donate a dozen? or 2? or 3? :)

We are looking to collect 80 dozen cookies.

They must be nut free and have no chocolate.

We will be collecting the cookies on Sunday, December 10th.   

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