Peru Missions Team 2023

Would you join us in praying for our team heading to Peru this summer? Here are some prayer points:

  • Spiritual preparation and development of the team
  • Soft, open hearts to hear the Gospel
  • Financial support - each member must raise $2710
  • Health, safety and travel of the team
  • Flexibility and a spirit of unity

Pictured: Charlie, Chip, Todd, Ricky, Joel, Pastor John, Tricia, Brady, Pastor Efrain, Julie V., John S., Larry, Maida, Gabbi, Susan
Not Pictured: Cristina, Julie C.

Want to help financially?  You can give here!

Ask the Pastors!

Sunday Morning Q&A

June 18th, both services

How do you deal with a coworker spreading a rumor about you? What does the Bible say about cremation? How do we know the Bible isn't corrupted by translation or time? How do we recognize the Holy Spirit speaking to us, and know it is not just our own thoughts?

What's on your mind? What are you curious about or what just doesn't make sense to you? Where could you use some wisdom? Your pastors would love to hear your questions! June 18 for both services in place of a sermon we are hosting a Q&A where John and Jeremy will think through your questions together. Even if we don't get to your questions, it is so good as your shepherds to know what kinds of things are on your minds and hearts! Share an email address with your personal question and we can follow up with you, or leave the email blank to submit an anonymous question. Submit as many as you want!

Women's Retreat

October 13-14,  2023

Registration is open for the 2023 VCSNW retreat! We would love to see you there!

Why go to retreat?

❤bonding / fellowship time with fellow SRC ladies
❤24 hours of teaching guided to minister to you
❤focused time with the Lord
❤fun accommodations!

New Sermon Series

A Regenerated Church: Overflowing in Abundant Life
A study through the book of Titus

Beginning late June

In the economy of God’s salvation, Regeneration is an often overlooked or taken for granted aspect of our redemption in Christ. We live in a “born again” Christian culture, often distracting us from the magnitude of this miraculous event and the implications it carries on our lives.

In the book of Titus, the Apostle Paul, with a pastoral and fatherly heart, writes to a young pastor – his “child in a common faith.” He not only dwells on salvation’s theological richness but describes to us the practical outworking of our Spirit-filled regeneration. When we find ourselves in godless culture like Titus did in ancient Crete, we can appreciate Paul’s admonition to him and his congregation:

Devote yourselves to good works! – not to be saved – but because you have been saved already!

Join us as we discover what it looks like to live in Christian community as we apply the gospel to our practical lives.

Discover Summit

June 25th, 1-4 PM

Every few months, we host a luncheon for those who are interested in knowing more about our church, where we are heading and if being a member is right for you. Take the next step by coming to Discover Summit! 
Our next luncheon is Sunday, June 25th at 1:00 pm at Pastor John and Angela's.

Note, this is a three hour class that might be challenging for little ones. Please let us know if you need help finding childcare for this event.

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Book Nook

Stop by on Sundays!

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You will find a carefully curated library of books that we recommend for your spiritual growth and edification on a variety of topics. These books are available in our foyer each Sunday, and can be delivered by special request.

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