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Are we in the end times?
Are we running out of time?
Life is hard today, are we going to make it?
Reading the book of Revelation likely brings excitement, dread or a little bit of both. There are so many ways to interpret this book. In fact, many would say it is the most difficult book in the Bible to interpret.
So how are we to understand it?
What we hope to find in our study in the book of Revelation is solace in today and hope for tomorrow. In the midst of Revelation’s pronounced judgment, severe tribulations and cosmic spiritual warfare, we are encouraged by Jesus to endure in our faith, repent of our sins and conquer with Him.
Much like Genesis, Revelation reveals who God is, who we are and why it matters. We’ll learn that He is a God of love and mercy, but also a God who restores justice in a world marred by injustice. We discover that He never loses control despite how we feel in times of trial. We’ll be encouraged to keep going, to persevere and trust that God never stops clinging to His people.
We’ll discover that Revelation is written for us today; for Believers who are weary and need encouragement, as well as Believers who are complacent and need repentance. It is a book for those who want to know that living unto Him is worth the struggle. He will declare, amid the hell and the highwater:
“Behold, I am making all things new.” (Rev. 21:5)

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