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New Sermon Series - Beginning Late June!

In the economy of God’s salvation, Regeneration is an often overlooked or taken for granted aspect of our redemption in Christ. We live in a “born again” Christian culture, often distracting us from the magnitude of this miraculous event and the implications it carries on our lives.

In the book of Titus, the Apostle Paul, with a pastoral and fatherly heart, writes to a young pastor – his “child in a common faith.” He not only dwells on salvation’s theological richness but describes to us the practical outworking of our Spirit-filled regeneration. When we find ourselves in godless culture like Titus did in ancient Crete, we can appreciate Paul’s admonition to him and his congregation:

Devote yourselves to good works! – not to be saved – but because you have been saved already!

Join us as we discover what it looks like to live in Christian community as we apply the gospel to our practical lives.