At Summit Ridge Church, we don't believe that the youth are merely the future of the church, but active, vital parts of the body of the Church right now.

Summit Ridge Church's youth program focuses on helping a new generation grow into their role as the future of the church. Middle school and high school students have an accessible and welcoming place in Vegas to be nurtured in their relationship with God. Our aim is to take them as deep with Jesus as they are willing to go, and to lovingly nudge them to ever-greater depths.
Our ministry follows a model oriented around preaching/teaching, conversation, discipleship and community. Each student who shows up to youth is placed in a small group environment at the end of the night, after a game, student-led worship, and a hearty, age-appropriate, Gospel-focused message.
We meet twice monthly in the home of Pastor Jeremy and his wife Tiffany for a homecooked meal and discipleship in Biblical study methods, apologetics (explaining and defending our faith), and for open conversation about the issues and challenges teenagers face today.
Once a month, on the First Friday of the month, we host a fun event designed both as an easy onramp for students interested in the ministry, and as a relationship-building opportunity to foster greater trust and connection in our youth community.

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Youth Schedule:
Youth Group, Sundays @ 6:00 - 8:00 PM
Discipleship Group, 2nd & 4th Wednesdays @ 7 - 8:30 PM
Third Tuesdays (Juniors & Seniors only), Tuesdays  @ 6:45 - 9 PM

Meet our Youth Pastor

Get to know our Youth Pastor, Jeremy Cooper, with a little Q&A:

What is your heart for ministry?
  • First thing, before ministry, I love the Lord and want to know Him better. As I know Him better, I want to share Him. This has always been my drive to discipleship and evangelism and was what drove me to seminary.
  • It’s been my greatest joy since coming to Christ ~17 years ago to pour my energy into souls, lives, discipleship, and study of the Word. Since getting equipped in seminary early in that life of faith, preaching and teaching have been a special way for me to worship God.
How did you end up at Summit?
  •  I worked as an industrial programmer and project manager for 13 years after seminary and moved to Las Vegas with the company I was working for at the time. Tiffany and I jumped right into Summit and made this church our home. I served in children's ministry, adult small groups, music and tech ministries. In God's timing, after two years here, the church called me to full time youth pastorate!
What is your aim for youth ministry?
  • In broad terms, my aim is to foster and create places and moments where saints can be fed good spiritual food, counseled through all that life brings, where discipleship happens life-on-life in the sacred and mundane. I want to teach from the Word and help students become familiar with their Bibles. I want to help them integrate into the whole of the church and develop a mature faith that replicates.
  • My interaction isn’t just with the youth, though. I aim to disciple the youth staff and come alongside parents in any ways I can to help with their difficult roles.
How can we help?
  • If you are a parent, please come get to know me! I will try chasing you down awkwardly in the parking lot but it’s easier when you come to me. This is a parent-friendly ministry. I want to hear your insights and stories from home, and I want to be available to pray with you, to lay Scripture open with you. I am here as a resource for you.
  • Put me and my family in your PrayerMate app or on an index card at your dinner table or set a reminder on your calendar for Tuesday afternoons, or whatever you have to do, to please please pray for our sustaining joy in the Lord. Pray for our staff, for their energy and joy and growth in ministry. Pray if you have an inkling that this might be a place God would use you that He make it clear, and then come talk to me :)
  • I know that some nights you will not feel like it and things get hard and the thought of getting your kid fed early and to the church or someone’s house sounds like a lot of work, but I encourage you to push through it, even when they don’t want to go. The word of God does not return to Him void; it accomplishes what He intends. My preaching always aims to hold God out as the greatest joy, full of unrivaled spiritual beauty; and I always aim for the heart so that students clearly know where they stand with God.