At Summit Ridge Church we are a family, a big family—a part of the family of God.
One of the ways that we care for one another is through church membership—through those who call
Summit Ridge Church their home.

What is membership?

Membership is a covenant between committed Christ-followers and the leadership of Summit Ridge Church. The weight of entering into a covenant may be diminished in our culture where promises are made casually and broken vows are the norm; however, we use the language intentionally to communicate  that  a  Membership  is  to  be  entered  into  with  sobriety  and  commitment.  This commitment goes two ways. Should you choose to become a member, you are acknowledging that you desire to be held to a higher degree of responsibility by church leadership. In choosing to  become  a  member,  you  are  also  receiving  the  promise  of  counsel,  service,  aid,  prayer, teaching, and guidance from the leadership.You can see that membership is not a status symbol or a socialclub that you get to join. You do not  get a t-shirt or a parking space. You should not enter into membership because you have been around for a while and figure it is the next step or “something you should do.” Nor should you enter into membership simply to say, “Summit Ridge is my church.” That is part of it, but membership is more than that. It is an informed commitment to the doctrine and vision of  Summit  Ridge,  a  willing  submission  to  the  leadership  of  the  church,  and  an  intentional embrace of your role in the Body of Christ and the Mission of the Church.

Why is commitment important?

No one will ever grow in the church if they leave as soon as things get hard.Summit  Ridge  Church  is  committed  to  making  disciples  of  Jesus  Christ  who  live  out  the implications of the Gospel rather than just giving it lip service. This means that we strive to help you grow in maturity and holiness. This also means that sometimes you will be challenged by things you hear from the pulpit or from across a table. Sometimes you will be called to step outside of your comfort zone, and sometimes decisions will be made that do not align with your preferences. You will, inevitably, experience some kind of conflict.Your first inclination may be to bail as soon as you get uncomfortable. Past experience may tell you that the slightest conflict equals the end of relationship. If all you are doing is dating the church without investment or commitment, you may be tempted to simply move on as soon as the initial fondness starts to fade. After all, there’s another church down the road. But just like in the covenant of marriage, growth happens when we stay true to our commitment, address sin and conflict, and allow ourselves to be challenged and stretched. That is where sanctification happens. That is where disciples are made. That is also where real joy is found.

What is the membership process?

The  Summit  Ridge  Membership  process  is  simple.  We  solely  want  to  assess  two  things:
1. Are you a Christian?
2.  Do you understand what it means to be committed to this particular local church?

To help you and to help us along this path, our membership process involves five steps:
1. Attend a Membership class.
2. Fill out the Membership Application.
3. After your application is completed, one of your pastors/elders will contact you to set up an interview. This interview is not a test or an overly formal meeting that you should be scared or intimidated by. Rather, it is an opportunity for you to discuss your partnership in this ministry, ask any questions you have, and receive any necessary spiritual direction or care.
4. Affirm and sign the Covenant.
5. Be notified by the elder team of approval.

Take a look at our membership covenant
Download the New Members Class booklet