Authentic Encounters: 

Jesus Really Does Change Everything

When somebody truly encounters Jesus. how do they respond?

We may picture Jesus as the sweet baby Jesus - meek, mild, kind... a good teacher... but, is He?

We will start the new year with a new teaching series! Join us as we study though the book of Luke.

January 5th

Luke 5 - Simon Peter

January 12th

Luke 7:1-10  - The Centurion

January 19th

Luke 7:36-50 - Simon the Pharisee

January 26th

Luke 8:26-29 - The Demoniac

February 2nd

Luke 9:23-27; 57-62 - Take up your Cross

February 9th

Luke 9:28-36 - Transfiguration

February 16th

Luke 10:25-37 - The Good Samaritan

February 23rd

Luke 10:38-41 - Martha & Mary