Tentative Schedule


Trampoline Park
Dinner Provided
6-9 PM


Special Edition D Group @ Church
Dinner Provided
5-9 PM


Fiesta @ Church
Dinner Provided
6-9 PM


Church & Off-site Events
9 AM - ??
Overnight event at host homes
All Meals Provided


Church & Off-site Events
Mount Charleston Adventure
9 AM - 9 PM
All Meals Provided


Final Events @ Church
9 AM - 1 PM
Lunch Provided
Remind kids to wear their team colors and to bring their Nerf guns! They will be working throughout the week on their team video projects as well -- we are making sure they have time together for that.

A refresher on the colors:
MS Girls: green
MS Boys: camo
HS Girls: yellow
HS Boys: red


Normal registration for the full week is $120.  Each additional sibling of the same household is discounted to $60 per sibling and visitors are discounted to $60 as well.
If your youth will not be able to attend the entire week or this event would be a financial burden, please check in with Pastor Jeremy.