Two decades of God's faithfulness to SRC!
on September 19th, 2020
As you may know by now, we are celebrating our 20th anniversary as a church this month. That just makes me smile. I smile because it is a testimony to God's abundant kindness to us over the last two decades. I simply shake my head at His graciousness to us and find comfort that we are in His hands.I have to share with you the testimony from one of my friends and former members of Summit - in fact,...  Read More
How far would you go?
on August 22nd, 2020
I was recently introduced to a woman I had never heard of before until I read the book (and watched the DVD series) "Epic: An Around-the-World Journey through Christian History" by Tim Challies. Of all the people he introduces his reader to, it was this woman - Marie Durand - who stood out to me more than others.Let me share her story with you through Tim's pen and see how it inspires your own fai...  Read More
Why are we always so tired?
on August 8th, 2020
It is certainly a common conversation piece.Maybe it's just habit?Or maybe we are just going at breakneck speeds?In fact, I think we used to say that if we could just slow down it'd be better. Then COVID hit and we found out we didn't really slow down, we just filled our time with something else. Because it is still a common conversation piece.What is the conversation I regularly hear? ...How tire...  Read More
Parenting is tough these days.
on July 25th, 2020
Parenting school-age children has many challenges today - so many pressures to get it right. And if you are a parent of school-age children and haven't been homeschooling yet - you may be either seriously considering it now... or be forced into it.I am praying for you parents as you make these big decisions. This may sound a little off, but you have been given a gift by the Lord to make some decis...  Read More
Here's why we gather.
on July 11th, 2020
I love the Church! I love when we gather together and can worship together and seriously reflect on God's Word and apply it to our lives. Surely, it is a lifter of my soul!Our in-person meeting together feels so fluid to me these days. Will the pandemic subside or increase? Will we have to wear masks for months on end? Will we have to meet completely online again? Or will we be able to gather with...  Read More