You need some real encouragement.

Life is hard. We can get depressed, discouraged and distracted. Each of us have difficulties that, like a flood, threaten to overwhelm us. And if you are going to live as a Christian it may not be any easier for you then a non-Christian. In fact, you may bear a heavier load simply because you are following Jesus!

You need some encouragement to keep going and to get through your trials. You need hope.

I am so ready to get together this Sunday to offer that very hope! We are beginning a journey through the book of 1 Peter and it is filled with treasures and practical guidance to navigate the road you are on.

We will look at living under a government - even one that is godless or even hostile to God. How to experience a meaningful, growing, marriage. We gain skills in spiritual warfare, in prayer, in sharing our faith and in sincerely loving others.

Please come and let's go to God's Word together. And if you can't join us because of distance, or health, or one of the services are full (I know, crazy that we register for church!) then join us online. And if you do join online... let me encourage you to do all you can to be fully engaged. Come ready. You don't want to miss all that God has for us from His Word.

I really am eager to dive in with you. Read chapter 1 of 1 Peter and we'll cover the first few verses in the morning.

I truly love you, church. I thank God for you.

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